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    Dimensionflex Limited is an indigenous engineering services, supply and contracting firm with vast experience and expertise in electrical power and Computer environment conditioning. In fact Dimensionflex Limited is today an authority in electrical power protection and ICT solutions: we control, distribute, transfer, supply, monitor, measure, manage, display, service and communicate with power and information technology equipment.

    In addition, DIMENSIONFLEX has a purpose built workshop equipped with state-of-the-art technology/tools as well as experienced engineers/ marketers who have had extensive training both locally and overseas in the supply, repair and maintenance of our products coupled with very good academic background which make troubleshooting of faults to components level easier and thereby make repairs cheaper and faster.

    Data Centers Installation

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    entails conditioning the environment to help the computers, gadgets, media , cctv equipment etc put in the place work at its maximum capability...

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    Emergency Response Officials

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    We have skilled and highly trained response team in times of emergency to help you re-build, repair, maintain, configure and service your work-...

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    Supplies & Procurement Services

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    We make sure that you get the best quality materials for your services by standing in the gap between you and the maunfacturing company as...

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    Power Conditioning & Control System

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    Power Conditioning and Control System (Sales, installation, Repair and Maintenance); 1. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): APC, MGE...

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    Manufactures' Representatives

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    We are manufacturers’ representative to APC – MGE Critical Power & Cooling Systems in France, Ortea S.P.A in Italy, and Emerson in Ohio-USA...

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    World Class Services

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    We have a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of our expertise trained overseas and locally for the common goal of meeting...

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